CARE FOR EUROPE  - your contribution. 

CARE FOR EUROPE is a non-profit organization dedicated to European integration. With our YOUROPE COVER everyone can set a sign for Europe. Just wearing the makeshift mouth nose mask is a statement for diversity and cohesion.

But with every purchase you also set a sign of solidarity. Depending on the model an configuration, the purchase price already includes a donation of € 1,- to € 12,- The money goes to institutions an organizations that are exemplary ins their commitment to fight against the Corona crisis and its consequences. You will always find the current donation targets here at the bottom of this page.


Solidarity in everyday life.

After the end of the shutdown we should all have some makeshift mouth-nose masks at hand. Because they can counteract the danger of infection for you and others. This is live solidarity in everyday life.


The leading institutes and scientists are also advertising the use of these aids. With the YOUROPE COVER everyone can easily make a contribution to keep the virus under control.


Solidarity for Europe.

With the donation contribution integrated in the purchase price you support people and projects all over Europe. The money goes to institutions and organizations that are exemplary in their efforts to address the health and social needs of those particularlyaffected by Corona. The current donation targets can be found here at the bottom of the page. 

Even those who do not want to buy a mask can make a contribution. In our shop there is also the possibility to contribute a small donation of € 5,- or € 10,- to the donation goals of CARE FOR EUROPE.



Our current donation goals.


We support women in Zaragoza.


With the collected donations from the sale of the YOUROPE masks we support the network HILVANANDO CULTURAS, CONFECCIONANDO EL FUTURO.

"Founding cultures, shaping the future" is the name of the project in the capital of the Spanish province of Aragon in the German translation. The title stands for the two fundamental objectives: "Hilvanando Culturas", a space of encounter, connection and cultural exchange, and "Confeccionando el Futuro", the empowerment of women from population groups at risk of exclusion.


In professional sewing workshops, women from different cultures learn everything that is necessary to use their qualifications to build a self-determined occupation. The central aim is to overcome social vulnerability due to lack of work, job insecurity and discrimination. In this project, AYUDA EN ACCIÓN focuses on the promotion of women's entrepreneurial independence through their personal and collective empowerment within the framework of the emerging network structures.


During the Corona crisis, women produced thousands of masks for local retailers in Zaragoza, a fine example of the project's effectiveness. The donations from CARE FOR EUROPE support the consistent continuation of this initiative of AYUDA EN ACCIÓN.

We are taking the YOUROPE COVER to Nice.


Together with the Nice City Council, we are setting an example of solidarity and cohesion in Europe. In a first step 1000 employees of the city will be equipped with the YOUROPE COVER.

We support the Azadi Project: 1000 hygiene kits for refugee women on Lesbos.


The Azadi Project is raising funds for the delivery of hygiene kits to refugee women in Moria. Azadi is working with local partners to provide the essentials as soon as possible to the refugees


With only € 32,- we help a refugee Women an her family to follow hygiene rules and the the necessary steps to prevent infection. Each hygiene kit contains soaps, disinfecting alcohol wipes, sanitary towels and masks.

We supply 530 street vendors with masks.


Together with MADE AUF VEDDEL we equip the sales assistants of the Hamburg street magazine with masks.


To ensure that these are always fresh, the donations will also be used to finance a washing service at the Hinz & Kunzt office.


We would like to thank ZEIT Musikreisen and Stefanie Volkmer Otto for their individual donations, which enabled us to get the campaign off the ground.

Order now your YOUROPE COVER.

CARE FOR EUROPE ist eine non-profit organization dedicated to European Integration. Our mask YOUROPE COVER is available in

three models:

YOUROPE COVER | Stars stitched



Price incl. VAT:                 € 44,90

Donation share                €    8,-

plus system and shipping costs


Detailled information about our makeshift

mouse and nose mask you can find here.

YOUROPE COVER | Stars printed 



Price incl. VAT.:                € 14,90

Donation share               €    4,-

plus system and shipping costs



BAMBINI | coloured Stars printed 



Price incl. VAT.:                €   9,90

Donation share               €   2,-

plus system and shipping costs




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